Entrepreneurship is not a job – Seth Godin

You don’t apply. You don’t get a salary. No one picks you.

Bragging about how much money you’ve raised or what your valuation is a form of job thinking.

Entrepreneurship is a chance to trade a solution to someone who has a problem that needs solving.

Solve more problems, solve bigger problems, solve problems more widely and you’re an entrepreneur.

It’s tempting to industrialize this work, to make it something with rules and bosses and processes. But that’s not the heart of it.

The work is to solve problems in a way that you’re proud of.


Survival Strategies

I shifted back to Port Blair in May’13 & have been living and looking after my family owned restaurant since. Andamans is beautiful. It’s amazing. Paradise for many, but, the Internet here (and I hate to say this) SUCKS!!

For a person like me, who lives on the net, this place seemed impossible to live in. It took me a while but I came up with a few survival strategies. These are a few tools that helped make my life easier:

  • Evernote (note taking app) – This is installed on all my devices (mac, iPhone and iPad) plus my work windows PC. Anything remotely interesting on the web is instantaneously sent to Evernote by either copy-paste’ing or using web clipper. The newly released iOS apps are so compelling to use that you just want to capture your notes right there and thats where this tool helps me do. I have been using Evernote for a long time now & highly recommend it to everyone. This can be your digital scrapbook in the truest sense.
  • Dropbox (file storage) – There are a few basic steps that one must follow when they use Dropbox: –
    1. Put a file in dropbox
    2. Forget about it
    3. Trust it’s safe

    This tool has become my data hub. I put all the files I remotely find important in the Dropbox folder & leave the computer open to sync over night. Its Slow, but it syncs (Thankfully) & works for me.

  • Things (to-do app) & Wunderlist (group to-do list) – Again, installed on all my devices. Handling a restaurant means multitasking. I have a lot of things to remember at any point of time. Thanks to Things, I don’t have to remember them, It remembers them for me. I just punch anything that needs my attention on any device(laptop, phone or tablet) closest to me & it’s synced everywhere else. Same with Wunderlist. I have created accounts for all my managers so they can share relevant lists .They can see the work they need to get done and they can punch in things I need to get done. Every task can be assigned to a certain person and one knows who is responsible for what. Best part about Wunderlist is that it is available for all platforms (windows, mac, iPhone, android, web). Since both these tools require very little data transfer to quickly sync across devices, they work like a charm for me.
  • 1Password (password keeper) – I haven’t come across a better tool than this to store all my passwords. The app is available for all platforms – Windows, Mac & iOS. I have my secure passwords stored on all devices syncing through dropbox. I believe, there are obviously more important things to remember than a ‘strong password’.

Apart from these I have tried a few other hacks as well –

  • I Got myself multiple broadband connections and a load balancer (yet to fix it). I know it’s expensive but just to make sure that I have some amount of connectivity all the time, I have got myself 3 connections. Having 3 connections is still a lot cheaper than getting myself a VSAT connection.
  • Using many apps on my mobile & tablet, instead of the actual websites where ever possible. Incredible, how much bandwidth & time this saves me.
  • Storing as much information possible offline. I hate to do this, but I have to! Bought myself a NAS recently.

To all my friends out there who are facing what I am, I hope this helps!


It’s that process that is magic

You know, one of the things that really hurt Apple was after I left John Sculley got a very serious disease. It’s the disease of thinking that a really great idea is 90% of the work. And if you just tell all these other people “here’s this great idea,” then of course they can go off and make it happen.

And the problem with that is that there’s just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product. And as you evolve that great idea, it changes and grows. It never comes out like it starts because you learn a lot more as you get into the subtleties of it. And you also find there are tremendous tradeoffs that you have to make. There are just certain things you can’t make electrons do. There are certain things you can’t make plastic do. Or glass do. Or factories do. Or robots do.

Designing a product is keeping five thousand things in your brain and fitting them all together in new and different ways to get what you want. And every day you discover something new that is a new problem or a new opportunity to fit these things together a little differently.

And it’s that process that is the magic.

– Steve Jobs

Quick TODO Checklist – Andamans Trip (June’12)

  • Road Trip – 700 kms (from Port Blair to Diglipur and back) – I plan to shoot a lot of pictures, write a lot & shoot a few videos too on the way. This is my stint into travel writing & I hope to continue it.
  • Quick Dive –  I shall from now on call a single scuba dive as a quick dive. For me, scuba diving is more than just an adventure sport. It’s an activity which relaxes me, soothes me & rejuvenates me. Hence, a much needed Quick Dive.
  • Food Photography – Oh! I can’t tell you how excited I’m about this. Finally, I shall be clicking food pictures at my own restaurant & posting them on it’s website soon.
  • And finally I wish to do something in this trip that will put “Andaman’s Trip” on a repeat mode for me.